Latest News About Our Upcoming Productions For Both Youth And Community Theatre Groups

Both our Youth and Community  (the adults!) theatres put on a show for your enjoyment.  

Past Events

Wonderland High the Musical starring Robyn Greeves as Alice and Josh Stares as Arthur are amongst other very talented young people in the cast.

The first day in a new school can be difficult but for Arthur Bloom, it may prove impossible. Newly relocated from Kansas City, Arthur discovers that Wonderland High is not your ordinary high school. Thrown into a school where croquet is bigger than football, the school store sells much more than paper and pens, and lockers hold a lot more than books, Arthur finds that being “cool” is the only rule... and even eating lunch in the cafetorium is an ordeal. As he makes new friends (and a couple of enemies), Arthur learns to stand up for himself and helps others learn the importance of self-reliance and commitment to ones’ principles and passions.

This production is filled with an assortment of characters that are based on Lewis Carroll's creations – like Principal Cheshire, zany Matt Adder; April May (who had her hair done in March); Dora Mouskowitz (who can barely stay awake); Lily, Rose, Daisy and Violet (the Garden Glees – an all-girls a capella group); and Alice (of course!), Wonderland High is a wonderful musical for all the family with lots of toe tapping songs.

Teens' With  'Tude are performing this Musical

The Community Theatre's offering

Bad Girls the Musical stars Wayne Morse as Jim Fenner, Sarah Moulder-Hurdesfield as Sylvia (Bodybag) Hollamby and Francesca Brown as Shell Dockley amongst other talented performers in the cast.

This lovely comedy musical brings to life the wonderful characters of the women prisoners of Larkhall prison.  The back stories of the characters and fantastic musical numbers take the audience through a journey of right and wrongs that can happen inside a women’s prison.  Based on the cult television series of Bad Girls, it’s set in the fictional HMP Larkhall, it’s the story of new idealistic Wing Governor Helen Stewart and her battles with the entrenched old guard of Officer Jim Fenner and his sidekick Sylvia Hollamby. It also follows the love story that develops between Helen and charismatic inmate Nikki Wade. Other featured characters include Shell Dockley and her runner Denny Blood, old-timer Noreen Biggs, The Two Julies and the ultimate Top Dog, King-of-Gangland’s missus, Yvonne Atkins.

A tragic death on the wing – in which Jim Fenner is implicated – leads to an angry protest from the women and forces Helen and Nikki to their opposite sides of the bars. But when it’s clear that Helen stands to lose her job over Jim Fenner’s misdeeds, the race is on for the women to nail Jim once and for all. 

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