Welcome To ABDAbS
Youth Theatre & Performing Arts Academy

Abdabs Youth Theatre is a non profit making performing arts academy.  We offer a low cost provision for young people in the community to enable them to attend without taking away the high quality standard of teaching.  We work at a semi professional level with professionally trained performance arts coaches.  

Summer School

Group Photo of Summer Camp

James & R4S

James Showing his moves!

Teens with 'Tude

Summer Camp Fun

Why not see for yourself what ABDABS is all about ? Below are two videos featuring both the Youth and Adult theatre groups that ABDABS works with. 

We put the emphasis on students learning and taking away from each session:  Creativity, Confidence, Life Skills, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Focus, Non-verbal & Verbal Communication, Receiving Positive Constructive feedback, Teamwork, Dedication and Accountability. Many of the students who attend say that Abdabs is like having an extended family, they always know that their drama buddies and the team are always there for them regardless of whether they’re facing a crisis, stressed out with exams, need some advice and guidance, need words of comfort, need someone to help them see they’re doing the right thing, receive praise to help them feel better and more positive.  All this contributes to their self development, self esteem and self confidence.

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak we are temporarily suspending classes and postponing upcoming productions. Please bear with us during this time.

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