My daughter Rhiannon has been a member of Abdabs since she was 5 years old; she is now 12 so she has known Debbie and the team for over half of her life! She never stops singing and dancing so Abdabs provides a welcome outlet for all that energy!
I have watched Abdabs grow from one session on a Saturday to so many groups I have lost count. But even though it is so much bigger than when it started, Abdabs has never lost that wonderful sense of community and belonging that kids (and adults!) so desperately need. It doesn't matter what you can or can't do - everyone is valued and made to feel they belong, everyone has something to contribute. Of course none of this happens by accident - it is because of Debbie's passion and the dedication of her team that Abdabs is the thriving Community Theatre that it is today. Long may Abdabs continue - Rhiannon would be lost without them.

Sarah Fitzgerald, parent.

"What can I say about Abdabs?

When we looked, six years ago, for a drama group for my son who has autism and learning difficulties, we struggled to find anywhere that was welcoming.. until we came across Abdabs.

Abdabs not only welcomed my son, actually provided him with support, but over the last six years have helped him grow into a confident young adult. Abdabs has never seen his disability but encouraged his abilities in every way, developed his social skills, made him feel absolutely typical, and along the way enabled him to make friends, become more independent and he has loved every minute of it!
It has been the MOST positive experience for him, and he looks forward to every saturday! Abdabs is fantastic!"

Julie Radford, parent.

"To Debbie and all the Abdabs team,

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to all the kids at Abdabs. When we moved to the area, we wanted to find a drama group for my children to give them another focus out of school and we were very pleased to find Abdabs.

Both my children classify Abdabs as their second family, it has given them confidence, a great circle of friends who they socialise with out of Abdabs. It has bought out talents we didn't know they had, but Abdabs could obviously see it in them and bring it out of them.

When Holly did her first major role as Hook in Peter Pan we were totally amazed by her performance, she was brilliant and the confidence you have given Jacob is truely amazing, in his first big speaking role I cried, nobody would ever have guessed he had such severe speech and language problems in his early years.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment, we do really appreciate everything you do! I don't know what my children would do without Abdabs!"

Dawn Mills, parent.

"Hi all,

Most of you will already know me but for those that do not I am the Production Director for Abdabs. I started with Abdabs as a helper when my son joined some 6+ years ago.

The thing I like about Abdabs the most is watching the youngsters grow and gain in confidence as they progress through the various age groups.

What impresses me most about all our youngsters (6-60yrs) is the fact that everybody is made welcome no matter what creed, ethnicity, whether they have physical or learning limitations it does not matter one bit. We are one big family, we all rely on and help each other.

I look forward to seeing you there and watching your first performance on stage."

Blue Moulder-Hurdsfield, Production Director & parent.

I have been a member of Abdabs for many years and over the years I have taken part in some amazing shows which really show the talent and hard work which is put into this youth theatre. I have learnt lots of new skills and i have a greater knowledge about the theatre world. Abdabs is a great community where I have met new friends and it is always the highlight of my weekend! I am very proud and happy to be a member of Abdabs!

Ellie Davis, Abdabs member.



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